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Re: wheezy: / mounts readonly at boot, I can't figure out why

On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 10:19, Mike Linksvayer <ml@gondwanaland.com> wrote:
> http://gondwanaland.com/i/20120417-boot.png shows boot screen photo;
> nothing is logged obviously
> fsck finds no problems http://gondwanaland.com/i/20120417-fsck.png
> mount -o remount,rw / works fine
> (but I have to restart network-manager and gdm3 to get a usable
> system; I'm not sure it is related, but I can't seem to connect to a
> service running on localhost, eg python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080 and
> in another terminal w3m http://localhost:8080, w3m times out)

I also asked this at
and didn't get an answer, but was prompted enough by questions to
maybe have figured it out; at least / now is mounted rw at root.

I think the problem was that the /etc/rcS.d/07checkroot.sh symbolic
link to /etc/init.d/checkroot.sh was missing. I have no idea how;
don't see a related bug report. I'm curious if anyone knows.

I'm also curious what actually does determine boot order as of wheezy
currently. I see the dependency annotations in /etc/init.d scripts,
and what I guess is a rendering of those in /etc/init.d/.depend.* (and
those files were also recently updated; does insserv do that? I ran it
thinking it'd give me command line options), but also the /etc/rc*


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