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Re: gnome panel fonts on startup

Camaleón wrote:
>songbird wrote:

>> what controls the display of the fonts in the gnome-panel when it first
>> starts up?
> Well, starting from gnome-shell, "mutter" is the window manager which 
> relies in "clutter" as the graphical library to draw the GUI.

  ok, thanks for the names.  i can look into 
getting and looking into them more later this
week or next week.

>>   i'm running current unstable versions of gnome, gnome-panel,
>> gnome-shell, up to date on graphics drivers, tried different kernels,
>> tried creating new user, etc. all same result.
>>   the whole thing is blank other than the letter "m"
>> (which is the first letter of the user name "me") but as time goes on
>> the clock gets digits as they change.
> (...)
> When that happens, try by restarting gnome-shell (Alt+F2 and type "r"), 
> I've also experienced the "missing letters" from time to time.

  this puts me back exactly to the state where the
font letters are missing.  like right now i am
typing this in Gnome Terminal and gnome-
panel 3.2.1-2+b1 using slrn.

  the gnome-panel up above is missing the word
"Activities" completely, to the right a little it
has the icon for the terminal "T  m  al", the clock 
in the center shows "7" and the rightmost part says 

  to get it to display correctly i have to again 
click the accessibility icon (that is not displayed 
until i hover over it) and clicking "L rg  T xt" and 
then again clicking "Large Text" (to turn it back 
to normal font).  then all is well again.

  if i knew how to automatically include these
steps in the desktop startup i could try that, 
but i'm not a gnome wizard.

  thanks for your reply,


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