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Re: Boot messages getting cleared

On 04/15/2012 12:48 PM, Thilo Six wrote:

since the upgrade to wheezy i have a problem with the messages that are shown
during boot. Currently during boot messages are shown as usual on vt1 but then
at some point late in the boot process these messages are cleared and then only
the login prompt is shown on vt1 just like on vt2.
I would like to have these messages on vt1 still as privously. It seems i use
the wrong search terms on google as nothing seems to show up. I tried to track
down the files in '/etc/init.d/' also kdms configuration. I have a little
suspicion that consolekit is the culprint but have no clue where and how to
change that. It would be kind if somebody could gave me some pointers in the
right direction.

Are you missing the bootlogd package, maybe?

 Description-en: daemon to log boot messages
 bootlogd logs all messages printed to the system console during
system boot,  and records those messages to a logfile.



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