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Re: ibm server black screen console

On 14/04/12 00:20, Joey L wrote:
> None of these revealed anything of use to me.
> Have you or anyone else used debian on the IBM x3650 ?
> With the RSA board ?? I really feel that the console is being sent to
> that board and not to the regular vga port.
> Just have no way of confirming this.

Can you not connect to the RSA board and see what it shows?

There may also be options for console redirection in the BIOS setup; I
can't remember.

We have several of those machines (x3650 M3), but they're running Ubuntu
and I can't mess with them too much; they're running production systems.
I'm not sure what the difference is between the RSA and the IMM (which I
think ours have) - but the names suggest that the IMM is built-in and
the RSA is an add-on. I don't know how they differ beyond that.


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