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Re: User defaul profile

On Thu, 12 Apr 2012 16:13:26 +0200, stefano malini wrote:

> i installed an ldap server on debian squeeze. i'll add the users and i
> want that everyone will login on the server will have iceweasel, ooffice
> and some shared folders. do i have to modify /etc/skel/ on te server?
> and how?

Better if you provide additional information on your setup. 

A LDAP server (per se) is just a means to centralize the client's data 
and information but does not make any change in the user machines and 
thus, you will have to install the applications manually... unless you're 
using a LTSP-like/centralized configuration in which case, when you 
install the applications "system-wide" on the host, they will become 
available for all of the users.



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