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Re: Networking borked on new squeeze install

On Apr 9, 2012, at 7:38 PM, Mat Enders wrote:
> Here is a stumper.  I just completed a brand new installation of
> Debian, during installation it could not reach the repositories so
> only a base installation was completed.
> I am logged directly into the machine not via ssh.  Network appears to
> have configured correctly via dhcp.
> ifconfig says I have the correct network address
> route -n shows the correct gateway
> resolv.conf shows the correct DNS servers
> from another machine on the network I can ping the gateway and www.google.com
> from the new install attempting to ping the gateway destination host
> unreachable and for Google it says unknown host
> I can ssh into the machine via its IP address and I can ssh into other
> machines on the network, from the newly installed machine, via their
> IP address
> I am stumped any help would be appreciated.

Take a look at your /etc/nsswitch.conf file.  See if it has anything related to dns for the 'hosts' directive.

If it only has files listed for hosts: you try adding dns after files so it looks like this:

  hosts:	files dns

Good luck.

Steve Mayer

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