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Re: Bonded network: "No route to host" between slaves

Seyyed Mohtadin Hashemi wrote:
> I have a problem that is driving me crazy. I have setup a micro cluster
> with different programs that can interact with each other, the setup is as
> follows:
> <server>--bond0 (eth1)-->desktop1 (IP:
>       |
> bond0 (eth2)
>       v
> desktop2 (IP:

I may be wrong here but isn't what you want bridging not bonding?  It
seems that way to me.  You are wanting to bridge two networks
together.  Bonding is when you share bandwidth between two network
routes enabling either to be offline and communication still proceed.
Bonding is used for performance, redundancy and high availability but
uses redundant routes.  You don't have redundant routes here.

> bond0 consist of eth1 and eth2 connected with following config:
> allow-hotplug bond0
> iface bond0 inet static
>    address
>    netmask
>    network
>    broadcast
>    slaves eth1 eth2
>    bond-mode broadcast
>    bond-miimon 100
>    bond-downdelay 200
>    bond-updelay 200
> <server> has no problem connecting to both desktops, and vice versa, both
> there i can not get a connection between the two desktops (iptables has
> been disabled). I can't even ping from one desktop to the other, gives
> error "Destination Host Unreachable" (ping works fine when i ping from
> desktop to the server).

Right.  You want bridging, not bonding.  At least that is what I think
you want from reading the above description.  I am going to proceed
with a suggestion based upon that assumption.

Instead of the above try this configuration:

iface eth0 inet manual
iface eth1 inet manual
auto br0
iface br0 inet static
	bridge_ports eth0
	bridge_stp off
	bridge_fd 0
	bridge_maxwait 0

You may need to install bridge-utils first to get the tools:

  # apt-get install bridge-utils


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