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Re: Re: ATA/IDE hard drive problem

On 01/-10/-28163 11:59 AM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
On 08/04/12 09:41, Gary Roach wrote:
I have an older computer that is still completely serviceable that I am
switching over to Linux from win2k. The system has had a glitch for a
long time in that it fails to boot the first time I try. The reason is
that it can't find the WD600BB, 60 GB hard drive. A second try usually
fixed the problem. It has an Intel D865PERL mother board, a P4 2.4 GHZ
processor and 512 MB DDR 400 ram. I just upgraded the BIOS to the latest

If the BOIS ATA/IDE Configuration is set to Extended, the bios finds my
CDROM drive but not the hard drive. If the configuration is set to
Legacy the bios finds the hard drive but not my CDROM drive.
Strange. What was the BIOS setting for the hard drive when you installed?

The hard
drive is on IDE -1 as master (or stand alone, makes no difference) and
the CDROM is on IDE-2 as master.
That makes sense, and it's how I would configure it.


I've run out of ideas. Anyone else have any?
Yes - but lets see how your drive is setup first.

Please post the output of:-

# parted -l

or if you don't have parted installed:-

# fdisk -l

Gary R

Kind regards

There seems to be some confusion here. I still have win2k on the machine. Linux commands won't work. I think what I am going to do is change the ATA/IDE Configuration to Enhanced, put the linux installation disk in the CDROM drive and hope that it boots. One of the respondents pointed out that Linux doesn't depend on the bios settings to find the boot drive. I hope that is true. I may end up with a boat anchor.

Gary R.

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