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Re: [OT] Posting styles

Wayne Topa wrote:
> Who would want to spoof YOUR Mail.
> I have been on this list for 19 years now and do not recall anyone being
> spoofed.  From the tenor of your mails, I doubt anyone would gain
> anything from it.

This is fallacious, dangerous, and probably insulting thinking.

I'm sure that many people on this list are eg, sysadmins for large or
important installations. Or perhaps they are researchers,
decision-makers, free software developers, or any of a myriad of
other important things.

If you're at least some of the time sending mail that is important to be
reliably attributed to you, it *absolutely* makes sense to sign that
mail. If you're signing some mail, you might as well sign all of it, as
this will habituate people to expect your mail to be signed, and avoid
you needing to decide what's important enough to sign. It also acts as a
nice signal that you can handle encrypted mail, which needs to be used
more widely.

see shy jo

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