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Re: installing source over package

Darren Crotchett wrote:
> I had an issue with the cups-filters package on Wheezy.  I found that the
> bug was resolved in the unstable branch.  But, I wasn't sure how to get the
> unstable branch version of cups.  So, I compiled cups-filters from source
> and installed it on top of my current version (did not uninstall the
> package version first).  This fixed my problem.  But, now I'm wondering
> what the consequences will be and if there was a better way to handle it.
> My reasoning for leaving the apt pkg installed was because I wanted apt to
> still upgrade when a new version comes out.

The effects depend upon whether you installed files that are also
installed by the package or if you installed additional files that are
not installed by the package.  A lot of package management is cleaning
undesirable cruft out of an upstream installation.

I am not saying that cups-filters has files that you would have
installed from source that were not in the package.  I don't know.
But if it did and if those files were not part of the installed file
list then those files would hang around forever and never be upgraded
nor cleaned because they are out of the control of the package

For any files that you did install that are on top of the existing
packaged files then upgrading or reinstalling the package will replace
your files with the package's files.  If your local modifications are
just to a subset of the package files then upgrading the package would
completely remove and replace your local modifications.


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