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Re: OT: favorite free-software email-subscription / feeds.

On Fri, 06 Apr 2012 12:30:13 +0700, Sthu Deus wrote:

> Good time of the day, Camaleón.
> Thank You for Your time and answer.
> You worte:
>>Sure, these are RSS feeds, no e-mail subscriptions anymore :-)
> Well, I am new to RSS, I have tried it w/ claws-mail plug-in and did not
> like that I was unable to remove the read feeds permanently - that is it
> was removed until next feeds update. Therefore, I like email
> subscriptions more.

I see. 

I can't tell for RRSyl plugin because I don't know how it works nor what 
it supports/features but many RSS readers can be configured in that 
regard (when/what to delete/archive), but what I do with RSS feeds is 
just keeping them for a period of time (which varies depending on the 
number of the updates a channel provides) and then they are automatically 
replaced by new content, which is the default approach, I guess. I don't 
store them in the disk unless Liferea (my rss reader) is doing it to keep 
its own caching.

> The one subscription I had before time wearied me w/ their swearing
> (basically in linux software - I understand that the developers involved
> may be immoral - but why spread it by news makers?!) so I had to decline
> it. :o/ And now I am looking for replacement.

Fair decision. 

And now you tell, I was subscribed by e-mail to some techie magazines 
written in Spanish ("Kriptopolis", "RED"...) but I quitted because their 
editoral line was somehow changed as times goes on and well, I didn't 
like much the new one. I suppose the argument will sound you fairly 
familar ;-)

> Why do You prefer feeds over email, in case it is not a secret? ;o)

<joking mode on>
I can tell you the secret but I'll have to destroy you afterwards... 
</joking mode off>

Because I consider news (rss feeds) to be a "temporary" source of bits 
(read and ditch) I don't want to "store" anywhere but just help to keep 
me updated/informed (they also allow me to avoid browsing the newspapers 
websites full of advertizing materials). Basically, I use rss feeds as a 
modern incarnation of the teletype: it's fast, simple and gets to the 

For e-mails I have a quite different (and costly) policy, I store 
messages for years and years... and years. Yup, I know, like someone 
suffering from "Diogenes syndrome" but for e-mails O:-)



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