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Re: OT: favorite free-software email-subscription / feeds.

Good time of the day, Camaleón.

Thank You for Your time and answer.
You worte:

>Sure, these are RSS feeds, no e-mail subscriptions anymore :-)

Well, I am new to RSS, I have tried it w/ claws-mail plug-in and did
not like that I was unable to remove the read feeds permanently - that
is it was removed until next feeds update. Therefore, I like email
subscriptions more.

The one subscription I had before time wearied me w/ their swearing
(basically in linux software - I understand that the developers
involved may be immoral - but why spread it by news makers?!) so I had
to decline it. :o/ And now I am looking for replacement.

Why do You prefer feeds over email, in case it is not a secret? ;o)


Thanks much for the links!


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