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Re: Graphical app on startup

On Thu, 05 Apr 2012 12:49:34 +0200, Antonio Fernández Pérez wrote:

> Hi everybody,

Hola Antonio :-)

(please, no html messages... thanks)

> I would like to get that a graphical application developed in Java runs
> on startup of a Debian machine, if is possible without menu, without
> login panel and without system messages. Obviously without update
> messages.

There are java applications that requie having an X server or need 
additional packages to be installed... what are the requierements for 
yours? Is it a standalone ".jar" file or daemonized service? And where is 
going to be run? I mean, what kind of installation, what do you have 
installed in your system (X server, window manager...)?
> I would to get a machine that works with this app on startup like as a
> information point center. Do you understand me?

Yes, you mean something like a "kiosk mode", right?
> I hope your help because I don't know if this is possible to do in Linux
> Debian. I know that in Windows is possible but is more expensive than to
> do it in Linux (Licenses).

That will depend on the application requirements but basically you'll 
need to just call the java app on system start in the same you you'd do 
for another script/program.



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