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Re: remote mysql is too slow

2012/4/5 J. Bakshi <bakshi12@gmail.com>:
> I have been provided a muscular linux server to use as a Mysql server
> in our organization. [...]

> The BIG hitch is; when we connect with this box the web sites become
> too slow.

Is this in direct comparison to some other database or server, or is it
more of a black and white ("it's too slow") statement?

If it's slower than some other database system you're going to need to
look at your network topology and system configuration and compare like
for like as best you can.

If it's a simple statement of fact you probably need to look at
your application architecture. Are you - and should you be - using
memcached? Have you got indexes on the right table columns? Are you
using ISAM when you should be using InnoDB (or v.v.)?

Juan Sierra Pons <juan@elsotanillo.net> wrote:
>         * Do you have anything in your mysql's slow query log?

This is a good place to check, but it doesn't preclude you checking that
all your frequent database queries and updates are using indexes.


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