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Re: Graphical app on startup

On Thu, Apr 05, 2012 at 12:49:34PM +0200, Antonio Fernández Pérez wrote:
>    Hi everybody,�
>    I would like to get that a graphical application developed in Java runs on
>    startup of a Debian machine, if is possible without menu, without login
>    panel and without system messages. Obviously without update messages.�
>    I would to get a machine that works with this app on startup like as a
>    information point center. Do you understand me?

Yes, this is possible. Just to clarify, I'm assuming you want the
following to happen:
 * User powers on computer
 * Computer boots with no interaction needed, providing little to no
 * Once booted, the Java application is started, being the only
   application available to the user.

This is often termed "Kiosk mode" and that should help you find more
information. But basically, you will want to consider the following:

 * Set your bootloader (probably grub) to boot a default entry after a
   short delay (1 second should be enough).
 * Either boot with the kernel parameter "quiet" or, better, install a
   boot splash program such as "plymouth". This allows you to hide the
   boot messages behind a graphical screen. That could, for example, be
   your own logo. You may or may not want a progress bar there.
 * At the end of boot, use a minimal display manager (nodm, perhaps) to
   start the graphics system (X). You would then configure the session
   started to use a minimal window manager (icewm, ratpoison etc) to
   automatically start your java application. You might consider running
   the java application as the only X client, but you may need to tell
   it the geometry of your screen so that it uses the full screen; a
   window manager would make that easier.

I'll leave it as an exercise to you what happens at shut down :)

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