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Re: Graphical app on startup

Il giorno gio, 05/04/2012 alle 12.49 +0200, Antonio Fernández Pérez ha
> I would like to get that a graphical application developed in Java
> runs on startup of a Debian machine, if is possible without menu,
> without login panel and without system messages. Obviously without
> update messages. 

Depends. Java+GUI programs are usually designed to operate with a
graphical interface only. Being able to use them from the command line,
on OS startup for example, depends on how the program is written.

> I hope your help because I don't know if this is possible to do in
> Linux Debian. I know that in Windows is possible but is more expensive
> than to do it in Linux (Licenses).

If it's possible  under Windows, it's probably possible under linux
(debian or not debian). You need to check the command line options of
your program.


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