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Re: upgrade to Wheezy fails with aptitude

Am Montag, 2. April 2012 schrieb Lisi:
> On Monday 02 April 2012 22:15:08 Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> > As I understand it the latest recommendation is to use apt-get from
> > command line and aptitude interactively.
> Ah!  Do you not use aptitude at the command line?  Is that what you are
> saying?
> I never use it any other way.  I tend to forget that it has an ncurses
> mode. Which would explain why I thought that both apt and aptitude can
> be used for day to day operations.  In fact, I am sure that I saw that
> - but not that it was the most recent utterance from on high, and from
> what you say, it wasn't.

I use some other functions of aptitude quite often meanwhile

aptitude purge ~c

and some searches. While for simple searches I prefer

apt-cache search

since it *and's* words instead of *or'ing* them. (And now I am not sure 
whether apostroph is expected here or not. I am no native english speaker 
or writer.)

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