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Re: Thunderbird says "The folder xxx is full, and can't hold any more messages."

On Mon, 02 Apr 2012 16:50:25 -0500, Dennis Wicks wrote:

> I am stumped. I am trying to use message filters  to classify my email
> and Thunderbird keeps giving me this message, "The folder xxxx is full,
> and can't hold any more messages." 
> It does this for different folders, xxxx, and I can't determine why. I
> have been using filters for years so I know what I am doing. Most of
> the time any way!

You did not Google for that message right? ;-)


> The disk partition is not full, all the directories and files are
> writable, and I can move messages into the folder by dragging them, just
> not with filters.
> I tried renaming the folder and creating a new one and changing the
> filter to point to the new one but that doesn't work. It has in the past
> but not this time!?
> Anybody have any idea what the problem is.

The above URL suggests you may need compacting your whole Thunderbird's 
folders and/or re-arranging your mailbox folders. Although YMMV, there's 
was limit a folder can store set to ~4 GiB (for older versions of the 
MUA) so if you are using an old (<3.1) version of the program and some of 
your folders hold more data, try by moving them into a subfolder to make 



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