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Re: Thunderbird says "The folder xxx is full, and can't hold any more messages."

On 03/04/12 07:50, Dennis Wicks wrote:
> Greetings;
> I am stumped. I am trying to use message filters  to classify my
> email and Thunderbird

Thunderbird.... this is Debian. Are you using Debian?

Is this local mail?

> keeps giving me this message, "The folder xxxx is full, and can't
> hold any more messages." It does this for different folders, xxxx,
> and I can't determine why. I have been using filters for years so I
> know what I am doing. Most of the time any way!

Those "folders" should be sub-directories of your "mail provider" The
total size of any directory for a mail provider cannot exceed 4GB.

eg. this email account is for "scottfergusondebianuser", holds 40000+
messages and has 7 sub-directories

The actual directory is
267.9MB, it contains another 17 files and 4 sub-directories. What's
important is that the total size is less than 4GB. To bypass that limit
I would have to move mail to a directory *outside* of pop.googlemail.com.

> The disk partition is not full, all the directories and files are 
> writable, and I can move messages into the folder by dragging them,

You mean dragging them within Icedove(?) - which means *if* you have
more than 4GB in a given account directory, you will still have more
than 4GB in that directory....

> just not with filters.

Have you tried Mozilla help?[*1]
When I search "Thunderbird says "The folder is full, and can't hold any
more messages" I get half a million results. Mostly suggesting I either
change to another company to host my email, or pointing out the 4GB
limit to Thunderbird mail directories.

> I tried renaming the folder and creating a new one and changing the 
> filter to point to the new one but that doesn't work. It has in the
> past but not this time!?

I use filters extensively (over 100 filters including sound and script
events) but have not encountered this problem. Occasionally I've been
stymied by logic problems though... perhaps if you posted the details of
what you have, what you are trying to achieve, and how - we might be
able to assist.

> Anybody have any idea what the problem is.

> Many TIA! Dennis

Kind regards


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