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Re: how to increase space for tmpfs /tmp

On 4/2/2012 9:43 PM, Paul E Condon wrote:

> This is the du command and results:
> root@gq:/# du -k -s -c /[^pm]* /m[^e]*

> 4	/home

Is your /home empty?  Your du command seems to think so.  That's hard to
believe.  It would mean you ever created any users.  A newly created
empty dir has a size of 4KB.

> 0	/initrd.img
> 0	/initrd.img.old
> 0	/vmlinuz
> 0	/vmlinuz.old

How are these files occupying 0 KB of disk?

> 20	/mpa2
> 20	/mpa3
> 4	/mpb1

Do these 3 dirs you created really only contain 44 KB total?

> Why the disagreement between df and du ? How is it possible?

See the discrepancies above?  Your du isn't reflecting reality of what's
on disk.  And the issue isn't sparse files as that would cause du to
show you're full but df would say you have tons of actual on disk free

It seems clear that your ext3 / filesystem is actually full.  You are
actually using 54282104 blocks.  Go through your directories manually to
find the files that are eating up that other 15/16ths of your partition.
 Given the space in question, I'd say you may likely have some
downloaded ISOs, or other large files, probably in your /home/paul/


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