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Re: wajig commandline changes

I also use wajig.  I mostly use the interactive mode and the list command is broken there also.  A fellow contacted me who is working on wajig.  He was looking for users to test the changed he is making to wajig.  He has upped the testing version to 2.5~pre.  He has fixed some problems but some remain in the toupgrade and list commands as you have found out.  If you would like to contribute the developer is Tshepang Lekhonkhobe at tshepang@gmail.com

He has a list of about 15 people who are aparently use wajig and are helping out with the testing of the new code.  I would like to see the list command (and there are others that are suppose to take arguments) be fixed so that it works as it used to in version 2.2.


On 04/02/2012 08:06 AM, Johann Spies wrote:
I have been using wajig for years and now the commandline options has
changed and I find it a bit annoying.


I could quickly type 'wajig list emacs'  to find out which emacs-related
packages were installed on my system.  Now I have to type 

'wajig listinstalled | grep emacs'
- nearly twice the number of characters needed for the same result.


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