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Re: wajig commandline changes

Johann Spies <jspies@sun.ac.za> wrote:
> I have been using wajig for years and now the commandline options has
> changed and I find it a bit annoying.

> I could quickly type 'wajig list emacs'  to find out which emacs-related
> Now I have to type 'wajig listinstalled | grep emacs'

There's no question in your email, so I'm not sure what you want us to
do about your issue. You could create a function (or script) for it,
and save yourself even more typing than in your original scenario,
I suppose. I'd suggest do something like this:

    wajiglist() { wajig listinstalled "$1"; }

although TBH I'm not sure that it gains you anything over this:

    wajiglist() { dpkg -l "*$1*"; }


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