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Re: OT:change of mail provider

On Du, 01 apr 12, 12:46:09, Mika Suomalainen wrote:
> > 
> > Mika as you have appointed yourself as a list policeman, please
> > explain how I am to test on whether or not I am now able to see my
> > first posting without send a post ?????

Easy, you look up a thread you can contribute and post to it :)
> I don't know. You could ask return receipts, like I do.

Hmm, we probably need a "return receipts" day, where everybody sends 
return receipts to everybody who asks them :)
This way people might understand what a useless waste of time, bandwidth 
and storage space they are.

Just one example: Outlook has this dialog box where you have to click 
"Ok" to send a read receipt, but even if you move it aside, you can't 
scroll down to actually read the entire mail[1]. And if the mail looks 
like you need to take the time to read it carefully there is no way to 
postpone it, you have to click "No" to get rid of it and later you will 
have to reply to it anyway

IMNSHO, if the message is important enough that you want/need a 
confirmation "on file" you should specifically ask for acknowledgement, 
preferably at the end of the e-mail, otherwise you have no way to tell 
they actually read to the bottom.

[1] What most people do is just click it away (or even worse, check the 
"Always send read receipts" box), which doesn't actually tell if the 
receiver really took the time to read that e-mail beyond the first few 

Kind regards,
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