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Re: Installing genesys on Debian - SOLVED - Thank you!

On Sunday 01 April 2012 09:51:29 Dom wrote:
> On 31/03/12 22:57, Lisi wrote:
> > On Saturday 31 March 2012 18:34:23 Dom wrote:
> >> On 31/03/12 17:36, ntrfug wrote:
> >>> On Sat, 31 Mar 2012 11:29:39 +0100
> >>>
> >>> Lisi<lisi.reisz@gmail.com>   wrote:
> >>>> I am trying to install genesys, first in my Lenny box and then in
> >>>> Squeeze. The SANE website says that my scanner is fully supported.
> >>
> >> Running Wheezy here. The standard Debian sane packages seem to have
> >> support for the Canon LiDE 110.
> >
> > **What are you referring to as "the standard Debian Sane packages"?** 
> > They might be in Squeeze backports.  I'm due some luck!
> Specifically libsane and libsane-common. Wheezy is currently on version
> 1.0.22-7 of these packages. From the changelog, I am certain that
> support for the LiDE was added in one of the early 1.0.22 releases, and
> a few fixes applied soon after that.

Xsane now scans OK on the Squeeze box.

Thank you again, Dom.  This was the final brick I needed.

As a result of the info given to me by this email, I have given up on the 
Lenny box, and accepted that I just have to do all my scanning on my 
husband's computer until I get time to rebuild my desktop (which is urgently 
needed!).  I will then install Squeeze or Wheezy on it.

Many thanks to the rest of you (and, of course, Gooogle) for all the other 
bricks I needed.


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