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Re: Question on concurrency of init scripts

On Fri, 30 Mar 2012 14:28:18 +0530, Prasant J wrote:

> I'm using debian squeeze armel port.
> This is a general question on debian init scripts. I have written my
> custom script. When concurrency is set to none everything works fine.
> But for faster boot I want concurrency, so I have set the dependencies
> properly and updated using insserv.
> My question is:
> How do I execute a script only after completion of another? ScriptB
> executes after ScriptA as required but ScriptB executes before ScriptA
> completes and that I do not want. I want ScriptA to complete before
> ScriptB starts execution.
> Is there any way to specify execution dependency on completion of a
> script?

What do you mean by "to complete"? What kind of "completion" are you 
expecting for that script?

I'm thinking in forcing ScriptA to be run in a very early stage to give 
some time before ScriptB is called or adding a "sleep" stanza to delay 
the time of execution.

> Any help will be appreciated.

I'm not aware of any specific instruction/option for that :-?

There's a couple of wiki pages to get a general idea of the available 
dependency boot options:




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