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Re: USB drive spins up every hour

> The hard disk can have set (by default) embbeded routines that make the
> disk to be "awaked" at a regular interval and external disks (those that
> come with USB enclosures or NAS/SAN appliances) tend to do it to speed up
> things (e.g., to run scheduled backup tasks).

For a NAS, I could agree.  But we're talking about a dumb USB-attached

>>> Mmm... if you so sure the disk is awaked by an external application,
>>> then don't mount it unless you need it, that way the disk can be still
>>> powered on but it will inaccessible for the system and programs.
>> Even when not mounted (and with its LVM volumes deactivated) it still
>> spins-up.
> Then I would contact the manufacturer. If the disk is not mounted and no 
> external program is accessing to it and still spins-up, it can be 
> something wrong in the firmware.

Hmm... I guess I'm going to have to test it in a minimal environment
where I'm reasonably sure there can't be some "clever" daemon
interfering while trying to do something useful.

I'd prefer the "annoying daemon" scenario since I can fix it without
buying a new enclosure [ this one is old enough that the manufacturer
won't care about my problems. ]


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