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Re: DVD and *.flv playback is jerky on VLC

On 28/03/12 21:11, AG wrote:
> Hi
> I've noticed, using Debian stable, that DVD and *.flv

flv in unindexed, so can be a problem in itself.

>  playback tends to
> be jerky.  That is, the motion of the actors, etc., seems to jump in
> short but noticeable ways, as if the playback is dropping several frames
> and picking it up again.  The sound track is fine, no jumps, but the
> movement on screen does seem to be a little jerky.  It doesn't seem to
> happen on other media players, or at least isn't as noticeable.
> As a VLC novice, how do I address this? Any pointers for me to look at,
> and if so, what *should* I be paying attention to?
> Many thanks for any steers.
> AG

Could be that your dropping frames for some reason.
Start the movie with VLC then press Ctrl+M to bring up the Messages dialog.
Also check dmesg | tail.
The info from those should help the list diagnose the problem.

Also some box specs will be useful.

You can of course rule out the DVD read by copying one of the VOBs to
the hard drive and viewing it from there with VLC.

Kind regards

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