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Re: packet loss after Lenny Squeeze upgrade

On Wed, 21 Mar 2012 13:21:34 +0000, Bonno Bloksma wrote:

> I have a Debian server (hardware HP DL360) which I use for internal
> routing and which uses NAT to isolate a part of my network. This machine
> has been routing for the past few years without any problems but lately
> there is a lot of packet loss for the traffic going to/through that
> server.
> What has changed in Debian that could cause this and what can I tweak to
> get things going again? What do I need to look at?


The network driver? 

As you have updated the system from Lenny to Squeeze, the kernel could 
have introduced some sort of incompatibility or bug within the network  
module you're using.

I would search for any bug report related to "packet loss" over the 
Broadcom Nextreme IIx drivers.



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