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USB keyboard problems / USB layout / USB xkbmap

OK, let's write it up properly ;)

1.) During Installation of Wheezy, I had to exchange my Logitech K340
with a PS/2 keyboard in order to install Wheezy as the USB-Keyboard
did not react in the installer of Wheezy (although it did in the BIOS
and also, interestingly, in Squeeze installer - as a test).
Installation went fine, except that I would prefer that if one has
choosen the system language (i.e. English), the list appearing later
for countries to determine such things as currency etc. consists only
of English speaking countries. Contrary, the keyboard could be choosen
properly as Swiss German. So, after login (I use GNOME/WHEEZY), my old
PS/2 worked properly (i.e. no z and y change or Umlaute such as ä,
ö...). Then I attached the Logitech K340 USB keyboard, the keyboard
works but the language settings don't, i.e. I have obviously a GB
layout. The only way to change this so far is to use:

setxkbmap ch

After executing this commmand, everything works fine - in the terminal
as well as in GNOME, meaning I have the proper layout (I know that
there are specific problems with Wheezy and USB keyboards known, and
it is suggested to activate Legacy support in the BIOS. I have first
to check if I have this option in the BIOS at all. Remark: Ubuntu
10.10 does not have all these problems).

2.) My etc/default/keyboard looks ok:


# Consult the keyboard(5) manual page.



3.) The problem seems to be known, if looking here also in ArchLinux:

If this problem is specific to K340, I do not know. So far I know that
setxkbmap ch helps to solve it. How can I automatize this command such
that I don't have to enter it after every startup ? In ArchLinux, it
was put in autostart of openbox. GNOME has also an autostart, there I
put it - but seems not to work (maybe I have to check again).

Anyway, also this is not a "clean" solution. There should be a way to
fix that properly. Thanks!

Am 19. März 2012 12:36 schrieb Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com>:

On Sat, 17 Mar 2012 20:36:18 +0100, Christian Frey wrote:

> Hey together,

Wow... what a mess. Sir, no html postings, please.


> I have to say that I want to have the system language English and the
> locale Region setting set to Switzerland as well as the Keyboard. The
> System Setting GUI shows me that I have British English as Language, as
> Format UK and as Layout Swiss German keyboard. I guess it mixes
> somehwere up between Format and Layout. Also it was not possible during
> install, after choosing English as sys language to choose as Format
> Switzerland. However, the keyboard I could choose as Swiss one.

I'm not sure to have properly understood the issue... are you saying your
keyboard layout is not the desired? If yes, what's the current one and
what do you want to get?

If you are using a graphical DE, this can be set from the keyboard
configuration settings. If you're on console, you can edit "/etc/default/
keyboard" file.

> How can I fix this issue // Thx./ A reconfigure of the keyboard
> configuration respectively of the locales did not really help.  The
> Format cannot be changed in the GUI.

It is not clear to me what you understand for "keyboard format" :-?



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