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Re: big problem with TP-LINK WiFi card

On Fri, 09 Mar 2012 11:08:31 +0100, Bernard wrote:

> Bernard wrote:
>> Hi to Everyone,
>> On the Desktop of my association, there was no wireless card. So, I
>> purchased one that is said to be Debian compatible. It is a PCI card
>> TL-WN751ND
>> It is supposedly based on an Atheros chipset AR 9227
>> I plugged it inside the Central Unit on a PCI slot, and then booted the
>> Debian Squeeze system.


> P.S. : I carried new tests. As said above, now that my WiFi is
> configured, every attempt to boot, leads to "freezing" of the system in
> the middle of gnome start... EXCEPT IF I shutdown my DSL/WiFi box !   As
> long as no connexion is possible, the system starts all right ; I can
> see the other WiFi available in the area (I don't have the
> passwords...). This being, if I reboot my WiFi connexion on the DSL
> modem, then, as said before, connexion does happen all right, it seems
> fully operational, but only for about 45 to 60 seconds, system freezing
> happens next. My TL-WN751ND card is supposed to work with Debian kernel
> module ath9k, which is supposed to be loaded with the wireless-tools
> package, which is alreeady installed.

There are many issues reported for system freezes regarding that kernel 
module (ath9k), there is even a documented bug at the Linuxwireless site:


And even on Debian BTS:


I would try with an updated kernel.



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