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Re: Desktop icons missing

Charles Krinke,  3.03.2012:
> I do have a "gnome-panel" panel and I can manipulate it to some
> extent. Meaning I have an application item, my several virtual
> desktops which I can rename normally, the clock and a few other
> goodies.
> The key right now is the missing desktop items causes me to have to
> navigate a menu if I want a terminal which is a bit annoying.
> Additionally, I have a few PDF files, a file browser, internet browser
> and a couple of source files I refer to regularly and being able to
> click on them on the desktop is quite convenient.

As far as I could see, you now have your desktop items displaying fine 
but I'm not sure that your second question was solved: how to find out 
what programs are run when you select items from the menu and how to 
conveniently run these without going through the menu.

Here in gnome classic on sid, I can go to the menu item I want and push 
down the left mouse button, without releasing it (half click?).  Then I 
move the mouse around a little and I can carry the application icon to 
the gnome-panel, and release.  Once it's there, I can right click to see 
the properties, including what program it runs.  (To remove it from the 
panel, I can alt-right click on it.)  You can also use this method to 
carry the icon onto your desktop instead of your gnome-panel.

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