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Re: Desktop icons missing

Camaleón wrote:

>> 1. Gnome classic desktop displays no desktop icons.

Nautilus does not handle the desktop in gnome3 by default. But this
can be changes with a flag. The easiest way to set the flag back to
true is via gnome-tewak-tool: First line in section "Desktop".
gnome-tweak-tool comes in a package of its own.

>> 2. How can I examine the menu items to find where the underlying
>> programs they call are and are named? I have not yet come to an
>> understanding of how this part worsks.

The gnome3 way: 
1) Move the mouse to the upper left corner of the screen.
   (Alternatively, press the windows-key)
--> The screen warps to some kind of window chooser.

2) click "applications" in the upper left. 
--> The screen changes to an iphone-like carpet of klarge icons.
  Use the menu on the right to filter for specific groups of 

> Alacarte was the usual application to deal with GNOME menu 
> items but I think is broken somehow.

IMHO, the OP is missing the menu in the first place. This 
seems to be gone in gnome3. Same as with the icons on the 
desktop it is still there, just not in the default theme.

Steps to recover the gnome2 way:

1) call gnome-panel in a terminal. (Yet another gnome2 core
element that is hidden in the default theme of gnome3)
--> at least one panel appears on the top of the screen. 

2) do [alt right-click] on the panel. That is, hold the alt key 
during right mouse click. 
--> a menu pops up 

3) Choose "add_to_panel"
--> a chooser window lists a number of itzems that can be added
to the panel

4) choose "Main Menu", or "Menu Bar" click "ok"
--> The application menus known from gnome2 appear in the panel.

optionally: 5) right-klick on the menu to start alacarte and 
modify the menu. (no alt-button required, this time)
IIRC, the debian sub menu is not activated by default in wheezy.
I habitually make it visible.

The shut-down item seems to be missing in the exit menu if you 
click on the user name in the upper right of the screen. Press 
the alt key and it reappears. However, the "Main Menu" also features
a shut-down item like it always did.

If any of the gnome devs is listening: This game of hide and seek 
with UI controls is patronizing, annoying and just obnoxious.
Just stop it. Period.

Kai-Martin Knaak
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