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I don't see any way to give Icedove the References and In-reply-to fields for the
header but they are here.

Bcc: peter@easthope.ca
References: <[🔎] jifusr$288$4@dough.gmane.org> <[🔎] 171057435.35607.27295@cantor.invalid> <[🔎] jigd87$288$14@dough.gmane.org>
In-reply-to: <[🔎] jigd87$288$14@dough.gmane.org>

*    From: Camale&#xF3;n <noelamac@gmail.com>
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> Note there's a slightly difference between the URL you send:

I typed carelessly.

> See the above link. There's a list of fonts that seem to have support for
> the said unicode characters.

That's helpful thanks.

All fonts in the system where Iceweasel displays the upper half
brackets are listed here.

All fonts in the system where Firefox lacks the upper half
brackets are listed here.

The difference between the two lists is here.

With present understanding I have two cases.

(1) If there is a way to identify the font which Iceweasel uses
to display an upper half bracket, then I need only install that
font on the Xo system.

(2) Otherwise, I can consider fonts which are in the list given
by the URI from your previous message and are in the Squeeze system.
Install these one by one until the upper half brackets appear.

Given that most of the fonts in the SqueezeFonts list are variants
of DejaVu, DejaVu Serif seems a good first bet.

If anyone can answer (1), good!  Any other ideas are certainly

Thanks,           ... Peter E.

Telephone 1 360 639 0202.  bcc: peasthope ... shaw.ca

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