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Re: Nvidia Ion + Xserver problem

於 2012年02月26日 15:36, Brian 提到:
> On Sun 26 Feb 2012 at 15:24:30 -0500, rypervenche wrote:
>> Hello. I've been dealing with this problem for a long time, and would
>> like to finally have a solution.
>> I am using Debian Testing on an EeePC with an Nvidia Ion GPU. For a long
>> while, once xserver 1.11 came out, I was unable to run X without 50% of
>> my CPU being used constantly. I downgraded to xserver to
>> squeeze-backports as a temporary solution, and have been using it for
>> months now. Every time there is an upgrade to Nvidia's graphics drivers,
>> I try again, but to no avail.
>> I saw that the problem was with Nvidia's driver's not being compatible
>> with Xserver's new ABI thing, but I thought it had been solved. I have
>> also used "nvidia-xconfig" to make my xorg.conf file, and added my
>> personal preferences to it manually afterward.
>> Any ideas?
> My initial thought is why do you need to use the Nvidia's graphics
> drivers? It doesn't solve your problem but could indicate a different
> path to take.

I use them because they are what I need for 3D graphics. I do not use
the website's packages, however, I use the repos nvidia-kernel-dkms. I
had been having no problem running them before Xserver went to 1.11 and
Nvidia's drivers were behind on the upgrade. It was supposed to have
been fixed, which is making me think that the problem is somewhere on my

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