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Re: How to avoid screen blanking?

On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 08:39:43PM +0100, Felix Koop wrote:
> Thanks for your answers. Please keep me on cc as I am currently not
> subscribed to this list.
> I tried "xset dpms force off" but that would blank the screen directly.
> "xset -dpms" will switch dpms off (at least according to "xset q", but
> will not stop the blanking. Same with xset s off or xset s 0. Both
> settings do not help. I also commented out the "Option DPMS" in
> xorg.conf file, but somehow this seems to come back in as "xset q" after
> logging in will show DPMS as enabled.
> Yes, I am using gnome and my window manager is gdm3. I tried searching
> power settings under org.gnome in dconf-editor, but did not find any.
> Could you be more specific where they should be? Or do I need to install
> any package to have those settings available?
Try running gnome-screensaver-preferences

You can uncheck "activate screensaver when computer is idle"


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