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[SOLVED!!!] Weird Wifi problem -- WPA-EAP TTLS fails

  There's a bit of acronym-soup here, for context check out the
list archives from May 2011. 

  I had this weird WPA-EAP TTLS problem at that time, and have 
now finally gotten it resolved.

  The key was to finally run a packet sniffer on the wireless port and
watch the authentication as it went by.  It turns out that the access 
point is asking for PEAP, not TTLS, so the EAP method-negotiation process 
was just failing, since the instructions I had were very clear about 
setting up the EAP to be TTLS-only.

  It's now clear that the instructions were simply wrong.

  The reason for mentioning this on-list is that the symptoms
of client misconfiguration included, in the verbose wpa_supplicant
output, a bit about "...disconnected by local choice (reason=3)...",
and googling that message gets you a lot of hits, which turned out
to be completely irrelevant to my issue, and I spent a lot of time
on irrelevant details.  

  Lesson 1: The "local choice" message can arise from a trivially
misconfigured client, it's not necessarily a symptom of all the 
scary stuff that's out there.

  Lesson 2: Wireshark is awesome.  I should have used it much 

                             -- A.
Andrew Reid / reidac@bellatlantic.net

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