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Debian/Ubuntu games screenshot party!

Have you ever wondered how to start getting involved in Debian/Ubuntu?
Do you enjoy discovering new games and playing them? You might want to
come to the games screenshot party! We hope that the party will be a
fun, easy, low-commitment way to get involved.

The Debian/Ubuntu games team is organising a half-day screenshots party
on the 26th February for creating screenshots for all the games that are
available in Debian/Ubuntu.

If you are interested in attending, please take a look at the links

Look forward to lots of game playing, screenshots and a merry time, hope
to see you all there!

We would greatly appreciate help promoting the event, so if you have an
account on the Ubuntu forums or on social media platforms like Diaspora
or Identica (or the proprietary versions Facebook/Twitter/Google Plus),
please post about it!




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