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Re: New computer planned

On Lu, 20 feb 12, 14:19:36, Sian Mountbatten wrote:
> My desktop computer is nearly 7 years old and I'm thinking that a
> new computer using some of the hardware improvements would be a good
> thing.
> So I'm going to ask my friendly computer consultant, who is only
> downstairs from me, to build me a computer with hardware 3d
> acceleration, solid-state drive, 8Gb RAM. What else should I ask for
> and what works with Linux? He's going to give me a list of the
> hardware he is going to install, so I can check Linux compatibility.
> Although I am not a gamer, I would like to run tuxracer which really
> needs 3d acceleration to work. Any suggestions will be welcome.

First decision: proprietary drivers or not

For proprietary I'd chose nVidia cards over ATI anytime. While I can't 
comment on the driver itself, the packaging for nvidia over fglrx in 
Debian is superior (several generations supported, pre-built modules for 
stable, backports, responsive maintainers, etc.).

If you definitely don't want to use proprietary drivers you can also 
consider Intel cards (or even built-in), since I expect the performance 
of either nVidia or ATI cards with the free drivers to be comparable 
with Intel.

OTOH I doubt tuxracer has very high 3d performance requirements.
> Keyboard: for many years now, I have used a keyboard which is not
> membrane-based. It has individual key switches, is properly dished
> and is a joy to use. No keyboard click, but I don't use that anyway.
> The keyboard is connected to the PS/2 socket. Would a wireless
> keyboard do as good a job? I suppose it would probably be USB, but I
> shall listen to advice on that. The keyboard is an essential
> peripheral and I am willing to spend money on a good keyboard. Maybe
> I should keep the keyboard I am using. It's not overly clean, but I
> can live with it.

Make sure the new mainboard even has a PS/2 interface, otherwise you'll 
have to use USB adapters (which can cause problems sometimes).

Kind regards,
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