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Looking for advice from the linux gods...

My father is the owner of a small business. He has 2 registers with pos software and a machine in the back for photoshop/pagemaker. I set up file sharing and backups in windows to hold the pos database and his other documents (ads, clip art, etc). He also has a laptop with access to those resources. The problem is that he also uses these devices for non-business things like web browsing -- and the performance is seriously lacking. I've had great success with arch on my systems, but need something very simple for him. I'd like to migrate his systems to debian, for its stability and ease of use...but i'd like some advice. Does it make sense to have debian do the file sharing, backup, and web browsing and then use a virtual machine with xp for his business applications (photoshop/pagemaker)? Any advice on how to get a nice, non-techhead friendly, setup would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -Tim G.

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