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Sleeping from within KDE fails

Please CC, I'm not subscribed to the list.

Recently after an upgrade (running unstable) I noticed that closing the lid on my laptop no longer put it to sleep. In fact, no action from within KDE would sleep my laptop; not selecting sleep from the kicker menu, nor selecting it from the power management widget would put my system to sleep.

It seems like it's at least trying to go to sleep. It will deactivate the network like it usually does, but then a moment later it just reconnects, never actually getting as far as sleeping the system.

It's not entirely clear to me what part of the chain isn't working, as I'm really not familiar with what all is involved in passing the sleep messages around. It was working one day, and then after a regular weekly full-upgrade it suddenly wasn't.

What DOES work: Executing s2ram, s2disk or s2both as root will successfully sleep the system, so the hardware and kernel are all working as expected.

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