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Re: Cyrillic symbols

On Sb, 18 feb 12, 14:43:01, Петр Вытовтов wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm using Debian testing amd64, window manager Awesome, and rxvt-unicode
> terminal. Where I used window manager OpenBox in terminal I saw Cyrillic
> symbols normally but where I installed Awesome Cyrillic symbols were
> changed to non-understandable symbols. Why is it so?

- did you remove/upgrade any packages?

If not please don't try installing/upgrading (especially not font 
packages) until you find the reason for the changed behaviour.

- how did you start OpenBox and how do you start Awesome?
- how did you start rxvt-unicode under OpenBox and how do you start it 
  under Awesome?
- what is the output of 'locale' under OpenBox and Awesome?

Kind regards,
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