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All flash videos playing far too quickly

I've just switched my wife and myself to Debian because I got fed up with reinstall-type upgrades. We're both running Wheezy, all updates applied, my wife on an AMD Athlon X2, my PC is a Phenom X4. She's using KDE, I'm using XFCE.

The problem we're both having is that all Flash videos play FAR too quickly - maybe (guesstimate) by a factor of three or four.

I've tried removing and reinstalling the flashplugin package. I've tried downloading the latest player from Adobe. I've tried IceWeasel, Chromium and Epiphany. Nothing helps.

I've tried doing searches, and obviously I'm not the only one to have seen this problem, but I can't find anything which gives a solution for Debian.

Has anyone managed to solve this?



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