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Need help dealing with the demise of qpopper

I have been using qpopper on some hosts on my home LAN.  I use
fetchmail, procmail, and mutt in an arrangement that I learned about
when I first took up using Debian many years ago. qpopper allowed me
to integrate watching system error messages into my mail set up
without ever having to learn much about real email administration.  I
just installed it and these other computers became POP3 servers ready
to respond to polling by fetchmail.

I have looked into qpopper replacement options. I'm sure setting up a
replacement will be easy for many, but for me it presents a
challenge. Is there a HowTo about this?  Specifically replace qpopper
with something else in this very limited application where qpopper
worked out-of-the-box? I have one computer running Wheezy now, and
I notice that on that computer in aptitude, qpopper is listed as
obsolete or locally generated. So now I could be looking into the
replacement ahead of the release of Wheezy. But I need help.

My wish is that some kind soul will create a new package named
'qpopper' for which the description in aptitude will be something like

"This is not qpopper. It is a substitute that works like the old
Qualcomm popper, but using more modern software. If you intend any
deviation from the basic Qualcomm popper install ... instead."

Paul E Condon           

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