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Re: Sound problems

Hello Emil!
I assume, that you mainly work with a GUI (Gnome or similar). So these desktops usually use some sort of sound server (ESD or PulseAudio or Arts). Especially PulseAudio has been known - of late - to generate some problems. So the question is: does ps -ax (or some graphical tool to list all running processes0 show you something with sound or audio in the name or directly esd or arts? Is your soundcard driven at all (you can find out with lsmod and looking for snd - that's the ALSA soundcard driver modules). Pick any app, that doesn't procude sound and see, if you can find out, which sound system it is set to by default.
  From the commandline try something like:
aplay -Dplughw:0,0 file.wav
(press control-c to stop)
A different direction: Is perhaps JACK running? The JACKd (JACK Audio Connection Kit) is a sound server for lowlatency (mainly used by musicians and multimedia enthusiaists, I should say). Still, it would block all ALSA access to your soundcard and thus no other sound system could connect to it. Hm, that's quite a lot to look at, but your sound not working, could at this point mean so much...
  I hope that helps a little towards finding the problem.
  Kind regards

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