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Re: Question about ssh passwords and backup software

>> Alex Mestiashvili <alex@biotec.tu-dresden.de> wrote:

A> I would simply use a passwordless ssh-key with a wrapper on the remote
A> side which allows to run only the backup command .

>> On Mon, 13 Feb 2012 18:51:26 +0000, 
>> Chris Davies <chris-usenet@roaima.co.uk> said:

C> I'd agree with this, but use passwordless public/private keys with a
C> restricted target command:
C>  command="backup-service",no-pty,no-port-forwarding ssh-rsa BLAHBLAH...

   If the box from which you're copying has a static hostname or IP
   address, include that as well:

    from="",command="backup-service",no-pty,no-port-forwarding ...

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