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Re: installation ppc mac

On 13 February 2012 11:23, Bud Francis <budx13@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi there debian folks,

I got my hands on a power mac g4 with a 32 bit ppc processor.  After trying to install many versions of Linux on it I have come to the conclusion that it comes up fine in text mode but as soon as the xserver starts it messes up.  My machine has an ATI  Rage 128 in a pci slot vice the agp slot.  Is there some command I need to type in at boot to make it see the graphics card.  This is the original graphics card that came new with the computer.  I have seen it run MAC os just fine.

My first Linux computer had that graphic card, that was before Xorg, Xfree86 ran the gui at that time and this card ran just fine.

Did you check with:

lspci -v | grep VGA

if it shows the card?

/Helgi Örn

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