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Re: can't mount samsung phone, lsusb hangs

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 04:32:46PM -0500, Marc D Ronell wrote:
> >>>>> "Tony" == Tony Baldwin <tony@tonybaldwin.org> writes:
>     Tony> I just "upgraded" from a motorola droid 2 to a samsung
>     Tony> stratosphere.  It doesn't automount, as the droid did.  When
>     Tony> I try to lsusb to find it, I get no output, but lsusb hangs,
>     Tony> even with -v option.
>     Tony> I'm using squeeze, with openbox (no gnome or kde bloat).
>     Tony> With my former phone, a dialog box would pop up asking me if
>     Tony> I wanted to open the storage device with file manager
>     Tony> (pcmanfm) or gthumb (apparently it sees the phone only as a
>     Tony> camera, but, whatever, since it worked).
>     Tony> Does anybody have this phone and successfully mount it?
>     Tony> Thanks, Tony -- http://www.tonybaldwin.me all tony, all the
>     Tony> time!
> Tony,
> I am just guessing here as I don't have your phone, but do you have to
> turn usb  debugging on  in Android  OS on the  phone to  get it  to be
> mountable?  It might be on the phone under something similar to the
> following path:
> Applications -> Settings -> Applications -> Development ->
> USB Debugging on

You need this set when rooting the phone, but otherwise it should not be
required (wasn't on the droid or my former LG Ally, etc., for simple
mounting/file exchange).

Oddly, I rebooted (couldn't kill the several lsusb processes, even as
root, so, a reboot seemed reasonable), and now it is mounting fine.
I also switched to a different usb port.
I wonder if the usb ports on my case are faulty (not the ones in the
back, directly part of the mobo, but there are two in front of the case,
connected to the mobo via a wire; connected to these, the phone will
power up/charge battery, but not mount. Atm, it's connected to a usb
port on my monitor, oddly, with the monitor then connected to the mobo
usb ports in back, and all is working).

Now to get this thang rooted...

all tony, all the time!

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