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Re: can't mount samsung phone, lsusb hangs

>>>>> "Tony" == Tony Baldwin <tony@tonybaldwin.org> writes:

    Tony> I just "upgraded" from a motorola droid 2 to a samsung
    Tony> stratosphere.  It doesn't automount, as the droid did.  When
    Tony> I try to lsusb to find it, I get no output, but lsusb hangs,
    Tony> even with -v option.

    Tony> I'm using squeeze, with openbox (no gnome or kde bloat).
    Tony> With my former phone, a dialog box would pop up asking me if
    Tony> I wanted to open the storage device with file manager
    Tony> (pcmanfm) or gthumb (apparently it sees the phone only as a
    Tony> camera, but, whatever, since it worked).

    Tony> Does anybody have this phone and successfully mount it?

    Tony> Thanks, Tony -- http://www.tonybaldwin.me all tony, all the
    Tony> time!


I am just guessing here as I don't have your phone, but do you have to
turn usb  debugging on  in Android  OS on the  phone to  get it  to be
mountable?  It might be on the phone under something similar to the
following path:

Applications -> Settings -> Applications -> Development ->
USB Debugging on

I imagine you probably already have this set.

Hope it helps,



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