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Re: Networking Q concerning /etc/network/interfaces

Brian <ad44@cityscape.co.uk> writes:

> I can think of no way ifupdown is able to bring up an interface it has
> no knowledge of. Other network configuring programs could be in on the
> act though.

Its been a pretty good while since I set up networking but I think I
did it by hand edit of /etc/network/interfaces.. I'm not really that
sure though.

> Are eth0 and eth1 network cards? Is wireless involved?

Yes they are network cards, and no, wireless isn't involved

A little more to the story is that the address shown in ifconfig -a
for eth0 ( is ping-able from around the network.

There is only 1 ethernet wire connected to the machine and no
wireless, so both addresses must be on the remaining nic. (eth1)


(The subject host is localhost)

from host b (a physical machine on the lan) I can ping the above
address (...54) or ssh to it, and arrive on localhost.

Ditto for the actual real address (...42).
and hostname -i shows:

So, it seems there is no way around thinking both addresses are on a
single nic since there is only one ethernet wire attached to

I vaguely remember bringing up the second address with ifconfig at
some point, while tinkering with something that I no longer remember
much about.

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