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[1/2OT]how to optimize below one


for i in {0..110}

cat_g_f -f m001\_$i\_sot.xtc  m002\_$i\_sot.xtc  m003\_$i\_sot.xtc
m004\_$i\_sot.xtc   m005\_$i\_sot.xtc m006\_$i\_sot.xtc
m007\_$i\_sot.xtc  m008\_$i\_sot.xtc  m009\_$i\_sot.xtc
m010\_$i\_sot.xtc   m011\_$i\_sot.xtc  m012\_$i\_sot.xtc
m013\_$i\_sot.xtc    -cat -o m\_$i.xtc -nice 0

(anyone has some suggestions about how to optimize above one, it may
reach to m100, here I only type to 13, )


Thanks with best regards.

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